Back to Sleep

Around 3:30 to 4:00 every morning, Bandit decides it’s time to get up. As he is the King of our castle, I must follow suit and quickly let him out to go about his business. As irritating as it can be at times, still, it’s wonderful to be greeted each morning by such a happy and exuberant friend. Happy, happy, joy, joy it is and don’t you forget it! Yep.

We have our routine, he explores the backyard, wakes up Queenie and barks at Miss Kitty while I make the coffee. When he’s ready, he comes in to get his treat and I turn on my computer and start my day. All of this goes on as quietly as possible so that Bandit’s true love, my husband, gets the chance to sleep in for another half hour or so.

Bandit prefers to sleep in his bed, on my desk, in the mornings. Did I mention that he’s a bit spoiled? After he’s woken up and greeted almost all of God’s creatures with a happy “Good Morning!”, he goes back to sleep. Dogs have the unique ability to go from full speed ahead to nap time in a nanosecond.

Dogs seem to be quite accomplished at taking cat naps. No matter what they’re excited about, they give it a rest and go back to sleep. When Bandit wakes up, he picks up where he left off, no problem. He chases Miss Kitty and she taunts him from behind the safety of the iron gate. Whatever issue he may have with Miss Kitty goes on hold until he’s ready to tackle it again. He has his priorities and excels in focusing on them when he’s good and ready.

Observing this pattern day in and day out is one of life’s lessons that Bandit’s taught me. Life goes on whether you’re stirring it up or not, so it’s okay to take a break and go back to sleep. All of the important stuff will be waiting for you when you wake up.

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