Can You Hear Me Now?

Woofles lives next door. Bandit has an unconditional love for Woofles. No matter what she does, Bandit just stares at her through the fence. He doesn’t bark or even tell us what Woofles is up to. Queenie is deaf so she is blissfully unaware of Woofles’ constant pontificating on all things that matter or don’t.

Bandit doesn’t need to tell us what’s going on, because Woofles is the most vocal little dog we’ve ever met. She barks at the wind, the fence, the dirt, the moon, the sun and whatever else sparks her fancy. She barks. And barks. Did I say, Woofles loves to bark? 6:00AM, check, 1:00AM, check! Must be the sun and the moon so she needs to alert the universe. And alert, she does. Her people don’t seem to notice much. Either that or the golden tones of her constant yipping is  music to them. Everyone has different tastes in music so that might be the case….. Yeah, right.

Bandit goes to the fence and stares at her. I don’t know if it’s a love stare or if he’s envious that she gets away with it. Bandit knows that too much barking will result in the loss of freedom and banishment to the house for him. His parents are way more strict than Woofles’ parents, that’s for sure.

The thing is, when Bandit or Queenie barks, we know there’s a reason. We actually get up and go see what they are trying to tell us. When Woofles barks, we seriously consider buying stock in Ear Plugs, Inc.

Eventually, if we’re very lucky, Woofles’ parents bring her inside. This may be a result of the lovely voice and text messages I leave them, but probably not. It really doesn’t matter as peace and quiet reigns for a little while and all is right in the universe for everyone except Woofles. Poor Woofles has to spend time off her leash, in doggy jail, in her people’s house.


It occurred to me that Woofles barks so much, nobody hears the message. But on second thought, I realized that Woofles is one smart little cookie. She’s a persistent, loud, squeaky wheel. She might be in doggy jail in the house, but she’s not outside alone.

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