Lady came into my life to stay when Steve and I decided to take our friendship to the next level. Not only did my life grow richer with the addition of two beautiful children, I was blessed to count Lady, an aging Queensland Heeler with thyroid issues, as a welcome addition to the family.

Never having combined households before, it never occurred to me that Jack, my Westie-Chihuaua mix, might have issues. Jack was a present to myself after divorcing Mr. Wrong, Wrong, Are you kidding me, Wrong?!! Did I say that I made a big boo boo? That Mr. Wrong? As all things are learning experiences, I chalked that one up to a major growth spurt I didn’t know I needed. In fact, I am grateful for the divorce to this very day. Just sayin.

But enough traveling down that tangent I was off on, and back to my regularly scheduled programming.

Mr. Wrong didn’t like little dogs and said I couldn’t have one. The first thing I did after extracting myself from that situation was find my little buddy, Jack. Not thinking that one out all the way,  I then had to buy a condo because people wouldn’t rent to me because I had a dog. Jack and I lived happily in our condo and went everywhere together. In Jack I’d found a wonderful companion that never told me I was fat and gushy at 120 pounds. I even got rid of the carpeting and installed parquet flooring all by myself thanks to Jack.

Before they moved in, Steve brought Lady for a play date with Jack. We didn’t call it that back then, but that’s what it was. Of course I already knew Lady, but Jack had yet to make her acquaintance. Steve went to the store and I hung out with Lady and Jack. Lady, being a ranch dog, wasn’t really used to small spaces and seemed a little uneasy without Steve there. To make her feel at home, I played a song for her on the piano. Yes, I did. And yes, it did soothe the not so savage Lady.

The thing is, I was so worried about Lady, I wasn’t thinking about Jack and the fact that his space was being invaded by a rival for my affections. I put them both out on the back patio for fresh air when it happened. There was a terrible noise and the fight was on. Crap! I ran out as fast as I could and did one of the dumbest things I’ve ever done. I stuck my hand in between them to make them stop.

Well, it was all good as I hadn’t had a tetanus shot in many years. The doctor did wonder how I managed to get a puncture wound on my middle finger. I mumbled something about a nail. I didn’t want the Health Department out to my house because two dogs IQs exceeded mine that day.

The thing is, they never once fought again. They were the best of pals and arrived at that conclusion without any help from me. Their beef, whatever it was, solved and forgotten in a nanosecond. Jack got over his jealousy issues and along came Figuero. Jack got over that too.


Lucky for me, it wasn’t my nose that was stuck in where it didn’t belong and luckier still, my middle finger healed and lives to point another day.

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