Focus, Focus

Queenie Queenie Jelly Beanie. Queenie, or Bean for short, has been sharing our little piece of dirt with us for about fourteen years now. She’s had many a four-legged friend since she came to stay. Cheyenne, Jack, Lady and briefly, Kokopelli, but her best frenemy is Bandit.

Frenemy you say? There’s the age difference and the fact that Bandit gets a wee bit jealous when we pay attention to Queenie. When she leans into us to be petted, he lets rip a string of puppy obscenities.  It’s all good though because Queenie ignores him most of the time. She’s a mellow soul and has better things to do than bother with the little mite. There are the times when they team up to rid their universe of rouge chickens. Those chickens sure can fly!

Should I

When I come home from work, Steve, Bandit and Queenie are there to great me. Bandit is there for all of two seconds when he remembers he’s chasing Miss Kitty. I say hi to the gang and would like to go in the house, but must wait because Bandit can’t come in until he’s done Good Boy. I know it, Steve knows it and Queenie knows it, but Bandit forgets because he’s busy on kitty patrol and can’t be bothered. We can’t leave him out alone for fear that a chicken hawk might want a puppy snack, so we wait. And we wait.

Thankfully, Queenie’s patience for Bandit’s kitty chasing antics goes about as far as Mr. Magoo’s eyesight. She lets rip and tells Bandit in no uncertain terms to do Good Boy!

Why does she care? Well, in what turned out to be a master stroke of good luck, Queenie learned that she too gets a treat every time Bandit does Good Boy.

Bandit focuses, does the deed and looks at us to make sure we saw him do said deed. Queenie starts barking and Bandit runs back to the house like a barrel racer finishing a race. 12 seconds flat! Bandit wins, Queenie wins, we all win! Treats for everyone!

Yes we all win but Queenie’s the only one who kept her eye on the prize. Bandit lost his focus and forgot he was chasing Miss Kitty. I lost my focus and forgot what I was going to do once I got in the house.

Seems to me, though all were happy with the end result, Queenie was the one in control. Seems to me, if you lose your focus, you might end up happy receiving what someone else wants, forgetting your goal in the first place.  Seems to me, I had another thought on the subject, but Bandit has to go out and do Good Boy and I forgot what it was.

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