The Way Out


You're Kidding, Right?


I always pester Steve to go see the puppies whenever we are near the pet store in town. That’s how it happened. It wasn’t like we needed another furry friend, we had Queenie, Cheyenne, the sheep and Miss Kitty.

Anyway, one day Steve, Cody and I went in and there he was. A little black ball of fur with huge ears. I picked him up and he stole my heart. I didn’t want to leave him there, but we weren’t planning on adding to our family. My soul knew that he was supposed to come home with us and so, after three more visits and me promising Steve I’d be solely responsible for him, I brought my little furbaby home. And yes, at my age, I did have to promise. Oh the things I’d teach Bandit. He would be the best trained dog that ever was.

I named him Sugar Bear Bandit, but he has always been Bandit, The Great Bandini or The King for short. Oh I had big plans as he would be a full-time, inside dog. I bought a nice crate for him to sleep in and set it right next to our bed. I bought a little doggy purse so that I could take him with me whenever I could. I shopped in stores, I shopped online. What else could I buy for the little fellow? Oh yes, I did and maybe still do.

In fact, the first time he ever did Drama Dog was when I took him with me to the big Pet Smart the next town over. When we entered the store, a group of children ran over to us and sat down in a big circle, just like it was show and tell. Bandit and I entered the circle and I let him out of my purse. He took one look at the wee people and rolled over on his back. The wee folk didn’t understand, but I scooped up my precious puppy and carried him away. And so we learned.

Revolting Situation

Bandit didn’t really like his crate and I spent the first sleepless night comforting him. As this wasn’t quite working out like I’d planned, I bought a four-foot high dog playpen thinking that might be preferable to the crate. That’s when we learned that the little fellow had springs in his legs. No way! Yes, way! Out he was, trying to jump up on the bed. Night three, Bandit  got new digs in the laundry room. There he could roam freely and go inside his crate if he wanted to, or not.

No way was he staying in the laundry room. He just had to figure out how to open that big glass door. He jumped and jumped at the door. He cried, he found his voice and learned he could bark. He threw up, he did it all. And you know what? Twenty minutes later, his human mom had enough, rescued the little fellow and put the crate beside our bed again. Bounce, bounce, bounce! What do you know? The happy little fellow learned to jump up on the bed.

Bandit cherishes his freedom and for him, closed doors don’t exist. He never feels stuck or trapped. For him there’s always a way out, around or through the door, even if he has to be carried.

Bandit in the Hall

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