The Look Out


We live on a country lane where the houses are not too close together. Well, not too close with the exception of the house next door. The former owner’s built it as close to the property line as the zoning requirements would allow. Six and one half acres and they are almost on our property line. Guess we must not be too offensive, loud or smelly, because they built it that close. Yep.

And actually, this tale has nothing to do with the late neighbor’s next door, I just got off track as I am apt to do. Hopefully by now, you are used to my mental meanderings, but then again, I don’t know if Steve is, so it’s okay if you’re not.

I bring up the neighborhood because more of our neighbors know Bandit than know us. The little fellow keeps watch out our living room and family room windows when he’s not out chasing rouge chickens, stealing rib bones out of the garbage or on various adventures that entail clean up on my end. I’ve given up sanding and repainting the window sill because Bandit thinks he has as much right as Miss Kitty to jump up there and he’s right. Besides the nose prints on the glass give the window character. That’s what I say to Steve anyway right before he cleans it once again.

Thanks to the little guy’s vigilance, the cotton tail bunnies that live in the junipers are safe from dogs who roam free and Steve is alerted to the Man In Brown when he delivers packages resulting from somebody’s point and click ways. What did we buy, now? Ummmm…. I don’t remember, I’ll open it and see. Oh yeah!

But, as you can see from the picture above, the main thing Bandit watches out for is us. He was not in warning mode when that picture was taken. He was in, I hear my Daddy coming home mode. When there’s imminent danger in the front yard, he’s a vocal, persistent alarm. When one of us is away and nearing home, he quietly waits in the window, conserving his energy for all the bouncing and puppy dancing he will do when we arrive.

Bandit doesn’t waste his energy worrying about if or how we’ll get there. He goes about his business, naps and goes on alert when the time is nigh. When one of us arrives, his energy is used in happy greetings usually resulting in treats for himself and Queenie. Then, because all is right in his puppy world, he naps.

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