Another Man’s Treasure



We were looking to expand our herd of sheep when we brought Buck home to join us on our little piece of dirt. Looking back, naming him Buck might not have been a good idea, but this was before The Secret and the notion that words and thoughts could manifest all sorts of things.  

Oh, living in the country was sure turning out to be so much fun! The sheep were beautiful, sweet, and playful. They would run and leap in the air like gazelles and ram in to each other for fun. Frolicking is the only way I can describe it as they played with each other. And for those of you who will say that I am anthropomorphic and that sheep don’t frolic, you’d be half right because frolic they do.  

One day out of nowhere, as I held an old coffee can full of sweet cob, Buck came charging at me, head lowered, and on a mission. Man,that can hitting my ribs hurt. I was so used to our gentle sheep, it never occurred to me that one would actually charge at me.  

Buck was a ram in every sense of the word. He rammed the fences, the barn, Steve, me, and one afternoon he took on one of the walnut trees. I could understand him wanting the sweet cob but a walnut tree? One time Steve was actually airborne as Buck rammed him in the hind end. Luckily, Steve landed on his feet unhurt.  

Buck was fine with the ewes and soon enough we had baby lambs galore. They were beautiful little lambs, four of which were little rams.

One day, Steve was in the barn repairing a rail that Buck knocked off. He was on his knees hammering a rail when Buck, or Knot-head as Steve came to call him, decided to plow into Steve. Out of the corner of his eye, Steve saw Buck lower his head and start to charge.  

That was it for Queenie. Before Steve could do anything, she leaped in the air and took that big ram down to the ground. Buck backed up and tried again. Again Queenie took that bad boy down. One more time he tried, and one more time that little dog took him down. She didn’t hurt him, but did show him who the boss was.

Buck gave up, and Steve penned him up out of harms way for all concerned. Now, Queenie is probably the most gentle dog I’ve ever known, but she turned into a canine version of the Hulk when she saw Steve was in danger. As soon as she got the pecking order down, she went back about her business and returned to the benevolent queen she is.  

That afternoon, we put an ad in the paper. Barbados Blackbelly Ram For Sale, $100 obo. The ad was answered right away. A nice man named Al came out and fell in love with the sheep. Al looked at Buck and kept saying how beautiful Buck was. The thing was, he also wanted the four young rams. They are sooo beautiful! He kept repeating.  

You don’t want five rams. Steve tried to tell him it wasn’t a good idea to take five rams and why, but Al insisted. They are so beautiful! Have you ever tried to tell someone something, but they are so busy thinking whatever it is they’re thinking that they won’t listen? Well, that’s exactly what happened.  

I want them all! Can I take them today? How do we catch them? How can I get them home? Steve and I looked at each other. I tried to stifle my giggles and figured I’d get shoe money out of it any way so it was all good. Now before you go thinking I’m mean, I truly am not. It’s just that I’ve learned that most times, people have to learn things on their own. If you’re talking with someone and you notice their eyes are glazed over as they are thinking about what they are going to say next, it’s best to leave it alone.  

We agreed on the price and Al left to get a trailer. He showed up about an hour later with an enclosed U-Haul moving truck. Yes, he did. He wanted to chase the rams, but Steve told him that wasn’t a good idea. One by one, Steve caught the rams and put them in the U-Haul. It truly was a sight to behold I tell you. I must admit to worrying that Buck would plow into Al, but had to let it go.


You know, they say worrying is a waste of time and I guess it’s true, because six months later, he called and asked if we had any more. They are so beautiful! And so you see, I was so busy thinking about what I wanted Al to hear, that I didn’t listen. They are so beautiful!

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