Chasing Tails


Simba Queenie Cheyenne-ring-around

Slow down you move too fast. I heard Simon and Garfunkel singing that line from “The 59th Street Bridge Song” in my head as I felt the sting of the concrete saying hello to my derriere once more. As I am a bit strange, maybe a lot strange, it occurred to me that as all things are energy, and therefore living organisms of some form or another, perhaps the concrete was getting tired of greeting my butt every time it crashed on it. Yes strange, but as strange is all I have, strange is what you get.

Steve comes running like he always does. Are you okay? How did it happen? My answer is pretty much always the same. Who put those steps there? Fifteen years in this house and all of a sudden, steps? Are you kidding me?  Takes away his worries and puts that small grin on his face as long as there’s no blood involved. Just sayin’.

When I stepped out the back door, it looked as though Queenie, Cheyenne and Simba were playing either Ring Around the Rosy, or the ever popular Is My Tail Still There? game. I had my camera in hand, so I had to take a picture quickly before the moment was lost. In doing so, I kind of forgot where I was and thus my hind end had another date with the cold concrete. How rude.

Along with Steve, all three came to inspect for damages. Queenie’s face was mere millimeters from mine. She was ready to lick away the owies if need be. Instead, I hugged her around the neck as Steve helped me to my ever sure feet.

Thanks to my entertaining diversion, Queenie, Cheyenne and Simba stopped playing Is My Tail Still There? But then again, they know that after a while, chasing your own tail isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Queenie, Cheyenne and Simba all took naps after my adventure. I love the way they fall asleep quickly, yet wake up right away. Always ready to jump up and play at a moment’s notice, run to you after you’ve taken flight, and are always there to greet you no matter how or where you land.

And in remembering, I’m reminded to live in the present moment and to slow down. I hear it from Steve, I hear it from my sister, I hear it from strangers, and I see it in our pets. One of these days I just might listen to what I think I hear.

I am thankful that no matter how many times I need to be reminded to slow down, Steve, my family, and my friends of all varieties, always care enough to stop and give a girl a hand.


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