Head Out On the Highway


Miss Kitty aka Charlotte


I fell in love with her on the internet. Some of you may think my biscuits aren’t done, but that’s okay because sometimes they’re not. Truth of the matter is, I took one look at her picture on the pet rescue site and she had me before meow.

Steve! Come see this kitten. Her name is Charlotte and she is sooooo cute!

He agreed that she was cute. On his face was that little grin accompanied by his Oh No look. You want to go see her, don’t you? He’s such a great guy and always seems to know these things.

Umm, how did you know? We could take a ride over there. They are open right now, I kind of noticed their hours while I was surfing. Steve shook his head, put on his jacket, and we headed out.

They had a large room with cages on two walls. They were kitty condos stacked three high with about a foot space under them. Sadly, the cages all seemed to house two to three kittens apiece. That is, all except the one Miss Kitty was in.

Internet Baby


They called her Charlotte and she was bouncing around in a cage all by herself. She was a tiny kitten, not yet ready to go home with anyone. They asked if I wanted to hold her. Sure! I sat down and held her. She snuggled for a second or two, jumped down and went flying all over the room. She climbed the cages, darted under them, and bounced off every thing she could possible bounce off of. I can’t even tell you how long it took to capture her so that she could be put safely back in her kitty condo. It seemed like an eternity as we tried to coax her to us before the pet attendants found out she was loose.

What spunk! How playful! How cute! At that, Steve’s eyes widened as his Oh No look grew more pronounced.

She was too young to go home with us and hadn’t been spayed yet, so I visited her several times a week until she was ready. The funny thing is that when I visited, she was always in a cage by herself. I wondered why and felt sorry for the tiny mite. I just wanted to take her home so that she’d never be alone again.

Home we went with our precious kitten. I renamed her Miss Kitty as it seemed to fit better than Charlotte. Charlotte seemed too demure a name for her. For a tiny little feline, she had a big attitude and knew her own mind.

Once home, she settled right in, darting from one piece of furniture to the next. Into the woodpile, under the couch, on the computer monitor, and even on the open dryer door. She explored it all.

But you know what? Her favorite place to be turned out to be outside. She made great friends with Queenie and Cheyenne. She liked to be near us, but did not want to be picked up and cuddled. She’d rub up against our legs, come running at meal time, and talk away but it was, and continues to be, always on her terms.

Kitty in the Woodpile

I once judged the good people at the pet rescue place for placing her by herself in a cage. Now I’m not so sure Miss Kitty didn’t want it that way all along.

To this day, ten years later, she will only let you hold her for a second or two but it’s all good. She has her freedom, her friends, shelter, the great outdoors and regular meals. And in giving her thefreedom to be who she is, we found that she fell in love with us too, and chooses to stay.

Miss Kitty


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