Have You Any Wool?


Baa had her babies! Steve was smiling and I went running. Baa, our oldest Barbados Blackbelly sheep, usually had twins. I couldn’t wait to meet the newest additions to our family. When I got out to the barn, Steve’s smile turned into a grim look. I don’t think this lamb’s going to make it.

Baa had twins, both girls. They were adorable and sweet. One was up and moving around and the other was struggling. I named them Angel and Diablo. Diablo?  That name didn’t go over well with Steve so I shortened it to Dee. Little Angel struggled to get up and then settled down on the ground. She was so cute, small, fragile. Baa was attentive to her, but she had Dee suckling away.

Cheyenne, our Corgi puppy was curious. We shooed her away, but she kept coming back to the fence to see the little lamb. Cheyenne had never paid that much attention to the sheep. She was a little pup herself, and the sheep could hurt her, so we kept her away.

I went inside and got a bottle. I hoped that bottle feeding her would give Angel the strength to thrive. Steve cautioned me that it might be for naught but agreed we had to try. I picked Cheyenne up and brought her in with me so that I could keep an eye on her as I prepared a bottle of lamb formula. She was one determined little dog and wanted to stay with Angel.

Once I had the formula prepared, Cheyenne followed me back out to the barn, her short little Corgi legs running to keep up. Have you ever noticed that you pick out pets that have the same characteristics that you do? Well, I do anyway. I felt bad for the little mite as I know how hard it is to keep up sometimes when the people I’m with are blessed with long legs.  Just sayin’. Cheyenne also had food issues, but that’s another story. Yes, I could relate to that little Corgi that’s for sure.

I checked on Angel all night, and continued to give her formula.  Although she drank it, she didn’t get up.  Cheyenne followed me out when she could and kept trying to visit Angel. We felt the little lamb didn’t need the stress of a visit from Cheyenne while she was fighting for her life so we kept them apart. Cheyenne stood outside the gate staring at Angel and Angel stared back. This went on for two days and nights, Steve and I each taking turns feeding Angel. We put the little lamb inside the gate to protect her. I went in and left Cheyenne out.

Whimpering, Cheyenne  pawed at the gate.  Finally,  Cheyenne had enough and crawled under to join us. She got close, sniffed Angel, and then licked her on the nose. Cheyenne looked up at me with that guilty look we would come to know, but there was no way she was going to get in trouble as just then, Angel stood up. She stood up and she stayed up. It was as though she wanted to help Angel. They stood side by side, Angel being the taller of the two but Cheyenne outweighing her as Cheyenne never had to be called twice for supper, kind of like me.

Looking back, it seems to me that nature may have taken its course had it not been for bottle feeding and a little Corgi that didn’t know the meaning of of the word no. That pup also knew that closed gates were meant to be opened one way or another, otherwise they would have been walls. She would come to know there are ways around walls too if you are curious and persistent enough to find the way.

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