The Little Watermelon Who Could


Life Lessons, for me, come in unexpected forms sometimes.

Baa, our sweet Barbados Blackbelly sheep, loved watermelons. She also loved Oreo cookies. She would follow us around like one of the dogs if we had Oreo cookies. But I digress, as you can see by the evidence on her nose, Baa really enjoyed watermelons.

After many years sharing out little piece of dirt, Baa left us for a world we can only imagine. She lived a good life and enjoyed many an Oreo and lots of watermelons.

Summer came, as it always does, and with it came another watermelon family.I will spare you the details, but thanks to Baa, the new watermelon family grew in a new place, unplanted by human hands as it were. As if that little miracle of nature weren’t enough, imagine our surprise when we noticed that the smallest watermelon chose to grow in an unconventional place.

The littlest watermelon must have preferred loftier surroundings so it grew on the fence post. It didn’t have the preconceived notion that it shouldn’t or couldn’t grow there.  It just grew.

I worried that one day that little watermelon would come tumbling down to earth with a less than graceful landing. Yes, I worry about things I shouldn’t worry about and couldn’t be any more anthropomorphic if I tried. Really, it’s effortless for me.

I checked on that little watermelon every day. And in time, I was struck by the possibilities and achievements I could make if I wasn’t so worried about how things are supposed to be. You go about your life setting goals and hopefully growing. The thing is, there’s always someone who says, “You can’t do that!”  Maybe, they can’t do that!

Why not grow on a fence post? What’s the worst that could happen? You’d see sights that you never thought you’d see because you grew in a different direction.  And if you fell to the ground, you’d have new sights to see and new ways to grow. It’s all good.



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