Whoa, Whoa


Crap, Steve! Miss Kitty’s on the warpath! OK so I was a bit over dramatic, but Miss Kitty was after Tom, our feral barn kitty and he is, well, feral.

Steve has come to an understanding with Tom. He feeds him and Tom watches as Steve feeds the sheep and does his chores. As long as nobody looks Tom in the eye, all is well in his kitty world. The thing is, Miss Kitty is the Queen of our little piece of dirt and while she is resigned to being chased by Bandit, Her Royal Highness doesn’t exactly welcome any other feline citizens in her kingdom. Even when she’s with us, it’s on her terms. She doesn’t want to be held, but she will walk along side us wherever we go.

The trouble started when Steve took a can of food out to Tom. Miss Kitty followed Steve out to the barn and all seemed to be fine until she got close and peered in. Tom was on the hay waiting for Steve to put his food down.

You know how some actors have egos that grow so hyper inflated, they demand that no extras so much as look them in the eye? You’re probably rolling your eyes at this but it’s true. It really happens, I read it online. Well anyway, that’s sort of how Tom is, except that it’s for self preservation not self adulation. Like a movie star needs extras and other actors to make a movie, Tom wants us around and needs us to feed him, otherwise he’d have to be on mouse patrol. But look him in the eye and it’s, Hasta la vista, baby.

Well, Miss Kitty didn’t get the memo and probably wouldn’t have cared had she been able to read it anyway. She crawled through the gate and let him have it. Tom was underwhelmed and looked like he thought Miss Kitty might be a more nutritious breakfast than Friskies. I wasn’t getting in the middle of this one as I’d learned my feral kitty lesson long ago and didn’t need a refresher course. In fact, I’m reminded of said lesson every time I see the scars on my right hand. Just sayin’.

In a split second, Tom started after Miss Kitty. Miss Kitty stood her ground because, after all, it was her ground. She let out a lioness roar, took a swipe at Tom, and Tom returned the favor by taking a swipe himself. They were yelling at each other kitty style. Excuse my French, but pissed off kitties yell like no other animal.

Make them stop!, I shouted at Steve. Steve fixes everything I can’t fix, you know. We’re quite the fix it team if I do say so myself. Then the magic happened. Just as Tom was airborne, fangs showing, and claws outstretched, Steve looked him in the eye. Tom changed direction mid-air and took off. Mid air, I tell you! Just like a cartoon. It was a thing of beauty. Miss Kitty hightailed it out of there in the opposite direction. Problem solved in the blink of an eye. Well, not actually a blink come to think of it. Miss Kitty was gone all day and so was Tom.

Miss Kitty was never gone for more than a day or two and Tom disappeared for days on end at times, but still I worried about them both. And the cats, being our cats, had the freedom to roam wherever they wanted to. No wonder Bandit chases her. I wondered where they were and what they were thinking, but there’s really no way to get inside another creature’s head. It’s hard enough to get inside my own at times.

In good time, they both came back. No telling where they went but it probably wasn’t the same place, that’s for sure. I guess sometimes you just have to go off by yourself, lick your wounds, and come back when you’re good and ready. As Rooster said, “General Price don’t belong to me. He just rooms with me. Cats don’t belong to nobody. ‘Course, I depend on him.”    


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