Ya Think?!!

Bandit stopped barking long enough to give me his  See, I used my powerful puppy powers to make you come in here look. His puppy powers really are powerful, so I looked at him and everything else he might have been looking at in his kingdom.

Do you have to bark like a girl?  I uttered that sexist comment as I rushed in to see what he was so worked up about. Did I really say it? Yep. Did I really mean it? Yep. That’s two for two you know.

I was more than a little irritated as he interrupted my work and there was no way I could take a business call while he was sounding the alarm. The thing is, Bandit barks in a really high-pitched, screechy way when he’s really trying to tell us something. For some reason, to me he sounds like he should be a she when he’s sounding the alarm.  Being that I am of the female persuasion, I ought to be ashamed of myself for making such a comment, but I can’t say that I am. It’s not as though being a she is a bad thing anyway. When he’s on patrol, he alerts us in one of two ways. Either he barks his high-pitched distress bark, or he jumps in our laps and stares us down while tapping at us with his front paw. Well actually, it might not be us he does that to, usually he does it to Steve. Bandit knows that Steve is the one who will take care of the problem whereas I might get distracted on the way out of my chair.

His telepathic puppy communication is so good, we ought to start a new reality show. Puppy Patrol. No Bark, No Bite. Yes, I can see it now with close-ups of Bandit and the gang ala Swamp People. Go to sleep little kitty….. Instead of people doing whatever it is they do in the swamp, it would be Bandit, Queenie, Miss Kitty and the gang chasing rouge chickens or maybe a possum or two. I mean really, if people spend their time watching Swamp People, then they’ll watch a rib stealing Yorkie with a bad haircut and his entourage too. Just sayin’.

Swamp PuppyOh but wait! They’d have to film it in my house, meaning I’d have to have it spotless at all times. Scratch that thought. Do you know how hard it is to keep a house spotless when a member of your family lives to steal ribs from the garbage, only to deposit them on the carpet?

While I was sidetracked telling you of Bandit’s show business dreams, I forgot to tell you what he was so worked up about. Was it Miss Kitty, a skunk, or the UPS guy? Nope. The creature was much more menacing than that. In fact, there were three of them. Three baby cottontail bunnies in our front yard.

Bandit got worked up over three baby bunnies. And I got worked up over Bandit getting worked up over three baby bunnies. It’s all good though because the bunnies made me smile. Bandit, being a sensitive soul, was happy because I was happy.


Here I thought his barking was an irritation, an inconvience, and a bother. That’s what I get for feeling and worrying before I had all the facts. The fact was that he was bringing us happy news. Sometimes a person can get so caught up in their own stuff that they don’t see the forest for the trees. I might forget that sometimes as the headlines seem to scream out negativity more often than not. Happiness and good things are just as clear, they’re just sung in a different key.

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  1. I really enjoyed this post. Especially the life lesson at the end of the story and how well you tied it into one of Bandit’s daily adventures. Thank you for the cute terms and for sharing all your pets adventures!!

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