Here Comes the Sun

So busted

Bandit! How one little dog can get into so much trouble, I’ll never know. Not only did Bandit decided to help himself to the “leftovers” in the garbage, he spread his delectable feast all over the hallway carpet. Of course, the fact that I took the time to take the photo, and just might have chuckled a bit while doing so, might not have conveyed proper distress on my part. Just sayin’.

Bandit, no, no, baby! By now, Steve was rolling his eyes. No, no, baby? I bent over to pick up the bones and the race was on. The little booger grabbed one and went running. He ran with wild abandon. Nobody was taking his rib away, nobody.

Of course, Steve heard it all. No running in the house, you’ll get hurt! I hesitated a second. I’m not ru… Crash! Who put that wall there?

You’ve never seen a happier dog than Bandit when he’s running. It doesn’t matter why he’s running, he just loves to run. Rib in mouth, he leapt down two steps and then scampered up on the couch. He ran across the top of the couch and atop the love seat. He looked down at the pillows. You could hear him thinking, Quick, where can I hide my bone? Jumping down he took off again down the hall towards our bedroom. I had to get to him before he hid the bone under Steve’s pillow on the bed.  Thanks to Bandit, I was going to be shampooing the carpeting and wasn’t in the mood to change the sheets as well.

Hiding place 2

Bandit was airborne again as he flew off the bed. He was finally busted when he decided that the only safe place to hide his bone was under Steve’s leg. I think he forgot why he was running and was just loving the chase.

I grabbed the bone, he crawled in Steve’s lap, and all was right Bandit’s puppy world. The chase and the bone were forgotten until the next time. Later, he headed down the hall and took a power nap.

Bandit is a solar-powered pup. He can go from 0 to 100 mph in two seconds flat. He can solve all of his problems, and then recharge his puppy powers by taking a power nap in the sun. Once he’s recharged, look out world because Bandit’s on the loose and he’s taking no prisoners.

And I say, it’s all right.


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