Inside Out


Bandit is the most spoiled dog in history. I have no idea how many toys we’ve presented to His Royal Highness but I can, however, tell you how many he loves, one. Bandit loves his froggy. Say the word Frog and he will drop whatever he’s doing to find his frog. Say ribbit, ribbit and he gets so excited you’d think he’d just won the doggy lottery. Treats on demand for the rest of his life or option two, chase and bark at Miss Kitty for an hour straight with no-one stopping him. Life is good for the little fellow.

So imagine our surprise when we found Bandit and a legless Mr. Froggy on our bed one morning. Where Froggy’s legs ran off to, we’ll never know. Searching in the obvious places was not appealing, so we let it go. I did get the bright idea to play surgeon and restuff said frog. I reached for his fluffy innards on our bed, but not quickly enough. Faster than a speeding cheetah, Bandit grabbed the stuffing and leapt off the bed. The chase was on.

He went into hiding behind the living room couch. We brought out the spare frog. Yes, we have a spare frog. Two actually. Hey Bandit! Wanna trade the stuffing for a new buddy? The new frog consort looks almost the same as the current keeper of the crown. Well, the same except for the missing legs and all. Bandit came out of hiding, fluffy innards in his mouth, and went running again. He barely acknowledged the next frog in succession.

I gave up and put the new frog back in the cedar chest. It wasn’t my first rodeo with Bandit and his frog and I had work to do. While Bandit was out playing, I restuffed Mr. Froggy and sewed him up. No longer was Mr. Froggy a deflated shadow of his former self.

Later that day, Bandit and his beloved frog reappeared. It was nap time and he was resting with his amphibian friend. Bandit won the battle, won the war, and taught me a lesson at the same time. To Bandit, Mr. Froggy’s insides were just as important as his outsides. Maybe even more so, as Bandit abandoned Mr. Froggy’s lovely green outer shell and took off running with the substance who filled Mr. Froggy out.


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