Yo Oreo!


Meet Oreo. She came to live with us on our little piece of dirt a year ago. I named her Oreo because she looked like a glass of milk after an Oreo cookie was dipped in it. Funny that I named her after food that one of the other sheep, Baa, loved to eat. Funnier still, I seem to have Oreo Cookies on my brain. And as thoughts become things, Oreos seem to be manifesting themselves as extra inches around my mid section.

Oreo has never actually eaten an Oreo as that somehow seems to be just wrong to me. Heck, I’m eating my breakfast as I ponder Oreo eating Oreos and I’m grossing myself out. Yes, I can be weird that way.

The thing about Oreo is that she is the most vocal of all of our furry friends. She’s the one we should have named Baa. Come to think about it, Baa should have been named after her favorite food, Oreo Cookies, so there you have it. And yes, I can get off track. And yes my thought process is pretty much here for the world to see and possibly psychoanalyze. I say possibly, because I’m just not that deep.

Oreo baas and baas because she wants food. Never mind that she’s standing in a lush pasture that Steve faithfully keeps green and abundant for the girls. She wants Steve to bring her a flake of alfalfa, tree trimmings, apples or maybe peaches. Anything other than what she has. She can be two acres back when you walk out the door, but she will hear you and start in. She doesn’t stop until she’s busy eating her treat of the day. And eat she does.

To be fair, Oreo isn’t the only who covets what she doesn’t have at the moment. The other girls, including Spot, think that anything on the other side of the fence is better than what they have too. Oreo is just more vocal and therefore gets more attention.

The funny thing is that in order to keep the pasture lush, Steve rotates the girls off of it and feeds them their flakes of alfalfa and other assorted goodies. Oreo baas and looks through the closed gate at the pasture. She can’t wait to get back to that very pasture she poo poos in more ways than one when she’s on it.

Reminds me of Dorothy saying “There’s no place like home.” But then again, the Rolling Stones, “… if you try sometimes, you just might find you get what you need” comes to mind. It’s all good.

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