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We have another guest post today. Miss Kitty said something about the Fairness Doctrine and I’m not about to argue with Her Royal Highness about the fact that it was revoked last year and probably wouldn’t have applied to blogs anyway. Take it away, Miss Kitty!

Meeee-Owww! That’s exactly why I requested equal time. Mom lets Bandit and Queenie guest post and just says thank you to them. I ask for my turn and she has to do a dissertation on The Fairness Doctrine. I knew it had been repealed but didn’t think Mom knew it. Actually I’m impressed, I didn’t know her vocabulary went much beyond “Here Kitty, Kitty!” and my personal favorite, “Bandit, No!”

Queenie and I have been around a lot longer than Bandit but he seems to get more attention. Queenie and I are fine with each other, but Bandit and I seem to have some sibling rivalry going on. Not only do The Parents think that it’s funny, they accuse me of teasing Junior Puppy. Oh, the unfairness of it all!

I am happy to set the record straight regarding our family dynamics. First off, I might tease him a bit but that’s only because he spies on me. Well, maybe I tease him because it’s fun too. If a girl can’t have any fun that would be a pretty sorry state of affairs, wouldn’t it? Besides, he’s having his fun spying on me and giving chase when he can.

He comes out every morning like clock work, peeking through the wall, knowing that I am waiting for Dad to serve me my breakfast. Now, you have to understand that I’m hungry and tired from chasing rodents all night. The last thing I need is Junior Puppy yapping and threatening to chase me. I mean, really, he’s just a little squirt with over sized vocal chords. Whatcha going to do about it Junior P? I can jump over the wall and you two are locked in. Ha! I hiss at him a bit. The little guy barks, then cries, and Mom laughs. Dad just shakes his head and serves me my breakfast. I can’t even eat in peace because Junior P thinks he has to tell the world about my presence. And a fine presence it is so I guess I can’t argue with his logic. Maybe he wants me to share but there’s no way he, or Queenie for that matter, are getting any of my gourmet Friskies Classic Paté Salmon Dinner.

I so enjoy eating dinner in the morning. Who said that dinner has to be after 5:00PM? I’m thinking those Friskies chefs are probably Dayturnal and got it backwards when they put the item on the menu.

Just thinking of my gourmet feast makes me purr and soften towards the pampered little pooch. Of course he has to spoil everything by trying to get the last word in. He shows me his paw, I show him mine. I have a better reach, by the way. Not only that, my secret weapon, fully retractable nails, wins the battle every time. You’d think he’d learn, but no. It’s not like I’d actually waste a manicure on the pup, I just flash him my nails. He’s lucky I don’t turn around and show him my trick tail.

I am sorry, but I’ve digressed from the point of my guest post which is: The Big Secret. I’ll let you guys in on it, but don’t tell The Parents. If they knew, it would ruin things. Truth is, we all actually love each other and like to put on a show for The Parents.

I’m not saying it’s all show. Junior P can get on my every last nerve sometimes, but he really can’t help it. That’s just how he’s wired. We can hiss and bark at each other, but that’s nothing compared to the commotion we make if there’s an intruder on the homestead. Even Queenie gets in on the act then. Junior P and Queenie bark, and I sound the alarm with the most awful, obnoxious, feline noises you’ve ever heard. I won’t hesitate to use my trick tail on an intruder, be it canine, feline, bovine or worse. It’s kind of fun actually.

We can pick on each other but look out if any one of us is threatened by an outsider. We are like the Three Musketeers, each with our own special skills that multiply exponentially when we team up and use them together. Truth be told, at the end of the day, we love each other and find love, strength and understanding in our differences. All for one and one for……..Oh wait a minute! Is that Dad with dinner?

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