Touch of Grey

After a two year self imposed hiatus of sorts, the gang is back. We are older,  probably none the wiser, and  still enjoying life on our little piece of dirt.

Speaking of getting older, today’s guest post is by Queenie, aka The Bean.

There goes Mom spouting ageist comments again as though I need to be reminded that my lovely red hair has faded, while my girlish figure and some of my teeth have gone south.  I don’t want to appear snarky, but Mom would have more than a touch of grey herself if it weren’t for Loreal 8G. Not only that, but said grey would really show up on the parents if it weren’t for the fact that, like my Chinese Crested friends, they are a little sparse in the fur department. Kind of gives a new meaning to the word roots. Did I say that?!! Why yes, I do believe I did.

Chinese crested

Actually, the parents recently received an unwelcome education by an evil network who shall remain nameless. Unsaid network cancelled one of the parents very favorite TV shows, Longmire, because they felt the viewers of Longmire were too old. Why cater to viewers who can afford Dodge trucks, when you can sell to viewers who play with duck calls and Barbie dolls? Makes perfect sense to somebody.

Talk about a rude awakening, viewers over 50 are too old. Never mind that the show had millions of viewers. The only thing that mattered to EN (said evil network) was that those darn viewers, were, well, boomers! You should have heard the commotion in our house! Actually, I should have heard it too but my auditory facilities aren’t what they used to be. Instead, I had a front row view of Mom jumping up and down, Dad shaking his head, and Mom forgetting to make dinner because she was Tweeting her frustrations for the cause. “What do they mean, we’re too old?!!!” #LongLiveLongmire. Yep, over and over again.

The show Mom put on was epic to say the least. Heck, she might have scored some advertising dollars from Depends if she’d really played her cards right. Reality shows are all the rage you know.

I think it was the first time she felt the sting of being invisible when you weren’t planning on being invisible. It happens to us all, the best of us try to be mindful and never make another soul feel that way. The worst of us don’t have the grey matter to be mindful in the first place.

Mom is still tweeting, but she also bought the Longmire books for her Ipad so that she doesn’t have to go without the adventures of Walt and the gang. Apparently, she is not too old to tweet or read, just too old to watch tv.

Well like Mom, I am apt to call ’em as I see them these days. One of the best benefits of ones golden years is that you are no longer required to have the same filter you had in your youth. I’ve noticed that younger executive type pups kind of ignore you because they know it all already so you can pretty much say anything. Fun times.

I used to know it all myself at one time, but what I knew kept morphing into something else. One day I came to the realization that it’s better to let the youth have The Knowledge of Everything. Once I gave up The Knowledge of Everything, I made room for more naps, squirrel chasing, rib stealing, and long belly rubs. No more worrying about what the young executive pups think or don’t think. The trade off was worth it to me.

The thing is I still have it, whatever it is,  when I need it.  I sleep the rest of the time. Sounds like a good plan to me.


“Every silver lining’s got a touch of grey.” Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter



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