About Us

Where to begin? The beginning is too far back, I suppose.

Glad you stopped by to visit. My name is Cheryl, I live in California with my husband, SteveĀ and quite the menagerie of fur babies. This blog was born out of the stillness created by a painful loss, which lead to my observations about our furry friends, our shared life on our little piece of dirt, and the fact that they seem to understand the meaning of it all better than I do.

You will meet them all eventually. Let me introduce you to a few of them.

Bandit. He’s a Yorkshire Terrier who believes he was born into royalty and that he should be treated as such.

And All I Have To Say

Queenie. A gentle hearted Queensland Healer. A bigger heart, there never was.



Tom. Our feral barn kitty. He’s his own little man so the word “our” probably shouldn’t be there.Breakfast time


Miss Kitty. Speaking of royalty, she pretty much rules the roost with the swipe of her paw and regal attitude, unless Tom’s around.

Miss Kitty

Then there’s the sheep……………………………

The Girls



I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

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